Humanities Majors Around the World

Humanities majors are taking the world by storm! This summer and coming fall, fourteen Humanities students are traveling the globe and enhancing their educations:

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Summer 2012

Global Seminar: Art in Spain
Nicole Avant

Global Seminar: Democracy & Development in Bolivia
Alina Odom

CIEE France: Paris Language & Culture
Emmaline Barber

Global Seminar: Film and the French Aesthetic
Chelsea Avery
Haley Campbell
Abigail Clarke
Dominic Smith




Photo Credit: njtrout_2000

Fall 2012

SIT China: Language, Cultures, and Ethnic Minorities
Alina Odom

ISA Spain: Granada Hispanic Studies
Mcgavock Gayden

CIEE France: Paris Critical Studies
Kathryn Flexner

ISA Czech Republic: Prague Liberal Arts
Stefani Soychak

Akita International University (Japan)
Dominic Smith

Happy and safe travels to all!

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